Friday, September 14, 2007

This is the "After" project of an Antique serving tray. It was so much fun creating this One-of-A-Kind Victorian Tea Tray. The original dark wood tray had its original glass and handles. I added wonderfully ornate "Barbola" roses and filigree edges, then went to work. Under the glass is a layer of "Mary Rose" fabric covered in sheer organdy with embroidered flowers. Next came vintage lace, glitter, pearls, linen pieces, victorian images, jewelry and more. The back of the tray is covered with another beautiful piece of pink rosebud fabric.

This lovely "Victorian Tea Tray" sits above your table top on four pink glass feet. Stunning and perfect for your next Tea Party. You can find this lovely on my website under "Romantic Home Decor".

Have a great weekend and thank you to everyone who visited "Isabella and Me" at our week-long tea party.