Wednesday, March 18, 2009


This weekend I had the honor of meeting two amazing and beautiful women. Donna Norris, Associate Publisher of "Romantic Homes" magazine and Hillary Black, Editor of "Cottages & Bungalow". A few months ago, Donna mentioned she may be sent from California here to Boston some time in March for a business trip. We talked about the possibility of getting together for lunch when she arrived.
Last week I touched base with her and she confirmed she was coming to our big City and hopefully we would have a chance to meet.

When she arrived we made plans to get together for lunch. On Saturday my husband and I took a quick jaunt into Boston and I had the pleasure of having brunch with Donna and meeting Hillary.
We meet at Au Bon Pain in Copley Plaza for some sweets and coffee.

Donna is originally from Massachusetts (although her accent is gone completely and my accent is, well.... still there) so she and I felt quite at home together. Donna is exactly as I pictured her, beautiful, kind, and so sweet. We talked about everything from our favorite restaurants to our favorite vacation and shopping spots along the
New England coast.

She and my husband Mike both love the Red Sox, the Celtics and good food so there was plenty of chatting all around. It was as though we had known each other all our lives. Although we only had a few hours, every moment was precious and it meant the world to be able to thank the ladies from "Romantic Homes" in person and show my gratitude for the opportunity of having my home featured and being chosen to be on the cover of one of their holiday issues.

Hillary ran out from her booth at the Trade Show to meet Mike and I and say "hello" and brought me the new issue of "Cottages & Bungalows" (not even on the news stand yet). Can you hear me giggling with excitement? Hillary is bubbly, beautiful, and so very sweet. We all laughed and laughed while we tried to get good photos of each other to show our friends. Why is it that taking a good photo when you are short on time is almost impossible?

Well here is our best shot at taking a few quick pics before we had to say "good-bye".

Donna and Hillary

Mike, Me and Donna

Hillary and Donna

Thank you ladies for an afternoon I'll never forget.