Friday, June 08, 2012


To all my fellow followers and dearest friends, I have missed you. It has been over a month since I have had the opportunity to blog. Three weeks ago TODAY, I was gently pulling a few weeds in the garden and when I stood up, suddenly I felt like someone had cut off my right leg with a sword. Seriously.... this was some of the worst pain I had ever experienced.

I crawled into the house, took some Tylenol and grabbed and ice pack. After several hours trying to get the pain to subside, I knew I had to go to the Emergency Room. A quick ambulance ride, an equally quick exam, a script and I was on my way home (some three hours later). Lucky me really did it this time. My lower back and right leg have been numb and in pain for three weeks. I have however, managed to get myself to my doctor, had x-rays and have begun PT. With that said, my couch is about the only place I have been (other than to the bathroom! LOL) for quite some time.

I have found myself addicted to Pinterest and am making myself even crazier than I already was by pinning all the gorgeous items created by fellow artists. The DIY and plethora of Tutorials are overwhelming and I am just dying to get back to creating. Unfortunately that probably won't happen for quite a few more weeks. I need to get rest and take it easy in order to get back to my energetic self and create all the designs swirling in my head right now. I can't sleep at night just thinking about all the pretties I want to make. I know you know what I mean!

Until then, I hope you all enjoy your weekend and are enjoying the warm weather. We New Englanders have no clue what that feels like because it was still cold enough to turn on the heat this week! Cold and rain, a few minutes of sun, then cold and rain. Maybe one of these days it will warm up and stay warm at least for a few weeks before Fall comes and rears it cold and cloudy head again!

Take care and enjoy yourselves and think of me while you are partying, dancing, grilling, creating, visiting friends and family, yada yada yada! xo