Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Pink Saturday


I've been out of the Summer Pink Saturday Loop trying to take a much needed break from everything, but I'm back with some really pretty pink things to share with all of you. This is just a mish mosh of some of my favorite pink things. I hope you enjoy them.
They are all located in my
"Elegance & Whimsy" boutique.

Sweet Peas from my Garden

Pink Rose Cake Lollipop Trinket Box

Marie & Louis "The Coronation"

My Birthday Cake

Dreaming of Cupcakes

"Cupcake Fairy"

"My Recital"

"Mary Ellen"

"Lady Jeanette"

"Miss January"

Make sure you click on the link below to find the host "Miss Beverly @ How Sweet the Sound" and all the other wonderful ladies participating in this week's "Pink Saturday". Enjoy.

Sunday, September 27, 2009


...here at the Scalise household!

Last Tuesday I was interviewed at our home here in Wilmington, MA by one of the local newspapers. The newspaper contacted me and asked if they could come and photograph my artwork for a feature. When they arrived, they were thrilled to see our "Pink Fairy Cottage" nestled in our pretty English garden.

We just picked up our copy and our feature was the entire front page of the "Style" section. This amazing coverage will be in about 10 local newspapers today. I just couldn't wait to share my excitement with all of you. It was very unexpected and we are thrilled to pieces. Here is what it looks like!

Click "HERE" to read it. Thanks everyone and enjoy.