Thursday, May 03, 2012

Seasonal Sunday

Don't Forget you still have time to purchase a lovely gift for Mother's Day!

Welcome to my first garden post of the season. Although it is extremely cold and rainy here in Boston, I did manage to get my vintage bike painted and the basket filled with lovely herbs and annuals. I have been waiting to be able to get in the garden this year, but other than raking leaves and pruning, my NEW PINK BIKE is the closest I've gotten to be able to bring some beauty to my yard.

I just love the look of my new pink bike sitting in the front of my house just waiting for warmer weather to give those pretty posies the boost of heat they need to grow and spill over the top of the basket. Honestly, I just can't wait for it to stop raining for the temperature to rise a bit. I'm still in my flannel p.j.'s if you can believe that! 

I hope wherever you live the temperature is more like spring or summer than it is here! Ughh.


I also wanted to show off the two newest bracelets in my collection. I'm really enjoying the relaxation of creating jewelry again. Especially working with vintage pieces and old lace. I'm just thrilled at the way this collection is progressing. 


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Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Cathy Scalise Jewelry Collections

I've decided to go back to my early days when I used to create and sell jewelry. My new line of jewelry is called the "Cathy Scalise Jewelry Collection". 

This is my first piece in the "new" collection and there will be many more to come. All vintage and perfect for all ages, any style outfit from casual to elegant. A lovely gift for yourself, Mother, sister, or a dear friend. Two crocheted vintage doilies are the focal point of this statement piece. I have added a gorgeous AB Topaz colored rhinestone brooch to the center, a vintage pair of pearl and crystal earrings (one on each side), rose colored pearls, rhinestones, and vintage lace. 

The necklace chain is made from two vintage pieces, a pearl necklace and a gold beaded necklace. Together the gave me a perfect way to accentuate the main piece. This necklace, as with ALL of my creations, are One-of-a-Kind and never duplicated. I hope you love it as much as I enjoyed creating it.

Find it here at Treasured Heirlooms boutique.

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