Wednesday, May 07, 2008


Not really, but if she had I'm absolutely certain she would have been having the time of her life giggling and drawing all the wonderful little critters that had made their home there in between the cozy quilts and pillows on the bench, and tucked in the corners of the cottage during the cold winter months.

This was my very first year having the interior of the cottage all dolled up, hence I had no idea what treasures would make it through the brutal New England winter and which treasures would not. I decided to take everything indoors except the rug, the china cupboard, the bench, some small pieces of summer furniture, a beautiful quilt which was on the bench, my favorite pink bunny, and the hammock. The hammock was used to cover up several pretty pillows, and a couple of magazines in an attempt to keep everything safe. Safe from what, I wasn't exactly sure. But I thought for sure, it would work!?!

I knew my first day of spring cleaning in the "cottage" would be an interesting one and maybe even scary to say the least. I expected millions of spiders for sure, and lots leaves which the wind would blow through the cracks and under the door.

Well, much to my surprise, Mr. Tiny Mouse decided to have himself a "happy, happy" time over winter. No fool was he. Wiggling himself through a crack (somewhere!) and then gently crawling up and underneath the hammock ~ which was lovingly covering my gorgeous quilt ~ he made himself a home. A cozy home at that.

In his attempt to stay REALLY, REALLY warm, he dug a hole in the beautiful quilt laying across the pink bench, pulled out just enough batting, then crawled in and kept himself quite warm and dry inside. Oh yes he did, and that's where he lived for the entire winter ~ all curled up in Cathy's quilt, under the hammock, on the bench, surrounded by beautifully ruffled pillows, reading Romantic Homes magazine. It's true! I'm not kidding. And you know what, he's looking for a new place to sleep tonight!

I guess if I were that cold, little mouse, I would have set up home in the "Pink Fairy Cottage" for the winter too. At least someone had fun out there all this time while I watched through the window as the cold wind blew for months and months and months. Oh for the love of New England! I'm ready for an iced tea party. How about you? Or maybe a trip to the English countryside, or the Lakes Region. How about the Cotswolds or Bath. I'm going to all of those places this summer (in my imagination). Join me, won't you?

Sunday, May 04, 2008


I decided since I was awake and will probably forget in the morning ~ I am going to post three wreaths I made this weekend. I hope you all enjoy my show and tell on Monday morning.

"Going to the Ball"


"Under the Big Top"

Many more fun posts listed below. Lots and lots of show and tell goodies from my recent antiquing trip. Enjoy.

Look who made themselves a home for their babies while I was on vacation. DH noticed it yesterday. It is literally sitting right on my potting bench directly as you open the door onto our back deck. Now we have to go out the front door, then into the garden so we don't bother Mom while she is keeping her babies warm.

I can't wait for their arrival!