Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Premier Edition of


Magazine is finally here

For those of us who adore the decadence, luxury, opulent decor and the lavish lifestyle of "Marie Antoinette", we can now indulge ourselves in the Premier issue of "Marie" magazine. 161 pages of sumptuous beauty, stories, creations, artwork, jewelry, journals and more fill this magazine with hours upon hours of eye candy for your enjoyment and creation.

I couldn't get enough of it last night. I was in awe at the hundreds of amazing creations, all designed and detailed in scrumptious new and vintage elements. Everyone will find a familiar, creative, medium in this issue. Stunning journals, Marie clay dolls, soldered charm bracelets, altered window boxes, paper shoes, and of course, the international "Marie Round Robin Art Journal" designed by Holly Abston, Natasha Burns, Ginny Gibson and Heather Kowalski. This is a MUST SEE ladies!

Of of my very own, unique, "Marie Antoinette" creations is featured in a beautiful ad on Page 2.

If you would like to PURCHASE A COPY of "MARIE"

"Queen of Shoes"

"Marie & Louis Sucre Candi Box"