Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Vintage Victorian Stationery Box 

How beautiful is this ornate, wooden stationery box is gorgeous. These stunning boxes were an essential item for Victorian ladies. A place to hide their secret "love letters" or their "special jewels". You don't find them in such pristine condition very often. I was so lucky to have found this stunning stationery box.

The top is a beautiful Catherine Klein roses picture and the inside is a mirror which is in great vintage condition.The original hardware is still intact which adds the perfect charm and finishing touches. It is quite large and roomy which is also another lovely feature. I have freshened it up with a light "Linen White" creamy chalk paint. Wouldn't this gorgeous piece look stunning on your writing desk, vanity or sideboard! 

Check out this lovely in my Treasured Heirlooms shop under Boudoir.