Saturday, November 01, 2008

Marie Antoinette's Birthday Celebration
Sunday, November 2nd

I thought this would be a perfect time to introduce everyone to my newest website "Elegance and Whimsy"


Reminder! Polish your tiaras and fluff your ball gowns because the Soiree is going to be amazing! There are participants from all over the world who are excited to share their Marie Antoinette inspired treasures. I hope you all enjoy the birthday festivities.


Wednesday, October 29, 2008


My husband and I cannot describe the sheer excitement and unexpected privilege to have our holiday home featured on the cover of the December issue of "Romantic Homes". I had no idea until a friend received an early copy and called me screaming with excitement, that our magical home made the cover. Once I began to breathe again, she informed me that they had written a 10-page article and each page was beyond words.

I knew our "Magical Candy Themed" decorations were really sweet and pretty, but I had no idea just how amazing they looked until I received my copy of Romantic Homes yesterday. As I said to my DH (Mike), "I can't believe we actually live here".

It is pink and dreamy inside our home and outside in our English cottage garden, but what makes it all that more important is that he and I made this magical place "together".

Throughout the hardships that fell upon me during my life, I believed that if I stayed the course, treated others with kindness, lent a hand when necessary, and putting the lives of those less fortunate before myself, one day I would be "blessed" and I would be the "receiver" of joy and all that is good. This is my proof that "dreams do come true" to those who patiently wait. Just when you least expect it, there it is.

I hope I have inspired you all to continue on your path and that you too receive the joy that I have received this past year. I also want to thank a few of the following creative ladies who sent me such amazing creations in the "Holiday Swaps" last year. They too have been mentioned in the "Marketplace" on Page 89.

Pink Rose Pastries (Catherine)