Thursday, August 21, 2014

One of a Kind Wreath

I had so much fun creating this lovely heart shaped wreath. If you love "HEARTS" you know they aren't reserved just for "Valentine's Day". I couldn't resist creating a whimsical heart with gobs of faux cupcakes, candies, flowers, sweets, and more

The centerpiece to this amazing lovely is a Vintage Josef "Angel Figurine" adorned with a rhinestone crown and posies. I have embellished each side of her with beautifully intricate, large white flourishes adorned with flowers, doves and leaves. 

She is carrying a basket of posies just for you. Behind her is several soft pink sprays of tulle accentuating the colors in her dress. Vintage aqua silk millinery petals adorn the base of her dress as well as pastel Forget-me-Nots.

She sits atop a white Hydrangea Wreath which I have sweetly embellished with lots and lots of faux pastel candies and flowers. Some of these lovelies were made by me and others came from other talented women on the web whom I purchase from often. 

From the littlest girl to the lady who enjoys a "life full of whimsy", this wreath is perfect for you.

Just for you because "YOU'RE JUST THE SWEETEST". 12"w x 11"t±.
You can purchase this sweet wreath in my
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