Saturday, May 16, 2009


"Pink Saturday" is hosted by the lovely Beverly at How Sweet the Sound blog.
Each week ladies such as myself are encouraged to share some of their favorite pink pics. It can be anything: pink, flowers, pink clothing, pink nic nacs, pink linens, pink lace, etc. You get the idea!
If it's pink, you can post it!

Although many of you have already seen my "PINK FAIRY COTTAGE", I thought there may be many who have not. So I am going to repost my pics.
I hope you enjoy the Magical experience of my English Cottage garden.

Cleaning and prepping for the big REDO.

Three coats of paint in two days and it's ready to decorate.

A vintage Fairy Gnome my mother made 40 years ago watches over the
"magical makeover".

A pretty view in Spring before the redo began.

Mr. Fairy Gnome ~ A Treasured Friend

Bone china adorning the old china cabinet inside.

Princess Gabriella and Prince Michael

Waiting for a Pink Princess.

Oh so pretty, all pink and decorated.

A "Pink Teacup Birdbath" for the birdies.

Country Victorian Magazine ~ 2007

Romantic Country ~ 2007


Wednesday, May 13, 2009


I believe this letter is for myself and all of you ladies out there creating
stunning treasures for all the world to enjoy. Sometimes you might feel discouraged, or think your work has gone unnoticed or unappreciated. I assure you, it does not. Our lives are so "Full" of "Things to do" that we sometimes forget to stop and say "Thank you" or "You have inspired me today". So I have decided to share my amazing "Thank You" note with all of you with the hopes of lifting your spirits and remember to "Never Give Up on your Dreams".....

Just a little note... her children sent me little package and it is was a tiny Teddy Bear, a Wool Chickadee, and a large Pink Checkered heart covered with Fairy Stickers, Tulle, and a bow for hanging. It is just adorable and I will cherish these items forever.

"Dear Catherine,

It is with great pleasure that we send this little package to you. You have lightened our load, reminded us to truly and honestly enjoy, brought delight with ear to ear grins. You graciously share photographs of your adorable home, fairy cottage and garden as well as yourself over the phone. When a package arrives, once opened, out floats love hearts ~ fairy dust ~ butterflies ~ sunbeams ~ moonshine ~ flower petals ~ star glint and ~ angels with wings all enveloping us with sweet pleasures!

We thank God that you are in this world and that He allows us to be a part of your life and you a part of ours. We thank you for sharing your talents, creativity, warmth, professionalism, and friendship with its many facets.
MARTHA STEWART... EAT your heart out~! lol

With our affection and love,
Lorna and family

This is a "WOW" moment, I must say!

Monday, May 11, 2009


As promised, I have been uploading beautiful antique and vintage finds for the past several days. Stunning and diverse treasures from local estates. Knowing my customer base helps when purchasing new finds, so there is something for everyone here.

Since there is quite a large inventory new items are being added as fast as I can
get them cleaned, photographed and uploaded. Antique mirrors, depression glass, linens, porcelain, chalkware and so much more.

Have a ball and check out my boutique called "Estate Sale Blow Out", I know you will find something. And don't forget to keep checking back as I will continue to add
vintage finds for the next week or two.