Wednesday, January 06, 2010


The "Amour" Valentine Swap is closed and everyone participating has their swap partners. Let's keep our fingers crossed that all the beautiful creations get to each person with no problems. I'm really looking forward to Valentine's Day when we can take an "Amour" stroll through the blogs to see what a little "LOVE" can do.

Now, I have some really exciting news. I've decided to give myself a little vacation. Just when I can't take another snowy, rainy, cold, wintery day, I'm going to fly down to Jennifer Hayslips
"Petticoats and Parasols" event in Savannah.

From April 22 - 25th, Jennifer will be hosting a wonderfully creative weekend.

I haven't been able to attend either "Silver Bella" so I am NOT going to miss this event! It is going to be full of everything a girl could want. Cupcakes, glittering, shopping, creating, a vendor faire, good food, more shopping, and giggling with the girls. And the best part, it will be WARM. There will be a Haunted Mansion tour and everything! I'm so into this!!!

The event will be held at the Ford Plantation. Just look at this place.
How can you pass this up?

And the famous Jo Packam, writer of the infamous book "Where Women Create" and the Magazine by the same name, will be a Guest Speaker.  I'm sure her words of encouragement and experience will resonate with each and every one of us attending.

Won't you join us? Click here for all the wonderful details and to sign up now!
Seating is limited ladies, so come on and let's glitter, glue, eat cupcakes and play together.

Monday, January 04, 2010

"Amour" Valentine Swap

I am thrilled that so many ladies have joined in the "Valentine Swap". It's actually way more than I anticipated. I feel the group is so large at this point, we might lose the "FUN" come Valentine's Day and I don't want that to happen. 

If you missed out on joining in this swap, stay tuned for the next one coming soon. Please mark your calendars for Valentine's Day and come join us in our "Amour" Swap reveal photos. Thank you for your understanding.