Tuesday, November 18, 2008

A major storm has hit "Santa's Village" at the North Pole. They say about 100 feet of glittery snow dropped last night and as you can see, everything is covered. The snow is so crisp and white it actually glistens and it's blinding here. I hope you guys can manage to see between the whisps, billows and mounds of glitter (oops, I mean snow) that has landed on the rooftops, down the lane, through the forest, and on the trees.

I must say even though the temperature has dropped dramatically and we are snowbound, the view is quite stunning. Everyone is running around in their fleece p.j.'s with cups of cocoa in hand, tape and wrapping paper are stuck to our slippers as we run around trying to get everything perfectly wrapped. We are feasting on delicious chocolate and sweet candies which is dripping off our faces. Candy canes are properly hanging from the hundreds of decorated trees here and mounds of gifts are waiting to be wrapped. All in a day's work at "Santa's Workshop"! Christmas is almost here and we are having the time of our lives.

There are still so many more treasures to complete and so much work to get done in just a few short weeks. I have to run for now and get back to my crew (no crew really, just me ~ lol), but I will be making a huge announcement soon. So hang in there kiddies and enjoy the glittery storm.