Saturday, November 21, 2009

What a week!

You know how you start one thing and the next thing you know you have done 10 other things and never finished the first one you started? I made that HUGE mistake this week and boy did it cost me.

I was reading someone's blog and they asked what three favorite movies I loved. One thing lead to another (I HAVE NO IDEA HOW BECAUSE I CAN'T REMEMBER) and I was watching "Love Actually" movie clips on YouTube. This is where the problem begins.

One of the songs in this movie (which is one of my all time favorites) is by Dido. It's called "Here With Me". I just had to download this song from iTunes and listen to it. Well I went to iTunes to download and I received an error message that I needed to upgrade my software. So I click o.k. and go watch t.v. until it's time to go to bed. I came back to the computer and everything on my desktop is frozen. No matter what I do, nothing works. I go to bed and hope DH and I can figure it out in the morning.

Not a chance. Both of us are stumped and frustrated. I call up the Apple store and make an appointment for 2:30 pm. DH and I unplug the computer from it's one hundred cords and take it in for a 2 hour "fix". Everything looks o.k. We bring it back home and hook the 3 hundred cords back into the 2 hundred connections.

Yesterday, I tried to print something ~ NO PRINTER connection. I took photos for today's blog. When I opened iPhoto every photograph I've ever taken WAS GONE! The camera wouldn't connect and therefore, no photos ANYWHERE. Now my anxiety level is off the charts. Three days of computer stress is not good for my heart at my age.

I reinstalled the printer software and got it to work. Yeah. I went and took some photos of pretties then tried to download them. NOTHING HAPPENED. iPhoto doesn't respond in anyway to the camera. Now panicking again, I opened iPhoto and there are NO PHOTOS there. I immediately opened my backup system to find that none of my iPhotos were there either. Don't know how or when I lost all of them but I am hoping by some miracle DH comes home today and can figure out where they are floating around in the Universe. Otherwise, three years worth of photography is now history. My head hurts, my tummy hurts and I'm completely disoriented?

I thought I would post some old photos I had sitting on my desktop. They look so summery as we wait for Thanksgiving to arrive.

How is your day going my friend? lol