Monday, November 12, 2007


I have been collecting antique trinkets and treasures for this gorgeous "Paris" wreath for several weeks while I was mulling around the best "design" in my head. After giving much thought as to which direction to go in for the final design ~ I decided to "just go for it" and start the creative process. This lovely is the finished product of my first "Paris-inspired", "Altered-Art" wreaths. I have several more on the design board just waiting to be put together. I know you are going to just love each and every One-of-a-Kind creation.

Although the picture doesn't do this lovely justice, I assure you, it won't disappoint. Pink Poodles, silver glitter, antique "French " lady sepia photos, bird cages, vintage jewels, mirrors, tags, ribbons, lace, doves, shoes, beaded bags, rhinestones and lace are only some of the many heirloom treasures which give this ONE-OF-A-KIND lovely ~ its character.

If you love "Paris Chic", this is a VA VA VOOM Wreath that's a MUST HAVE. I will be adding many more Altered Art wreaths in the coming months. Each one will have its very own Theme and be an "Original" design from Treasured Heirloom studios.

I hope you or someone you love can enjoy this amazing creation!