Thursday, May 22, 2008


The mailman just came about 15 minutes ago and I heard a light bang on the front porch. I wasn't expecting any packages but I ran to the door anyway. I figured if there was a box there, something good was probably in it (since I usually forget that I've purchased something pretty, then the box arrives and I'm surprised).lol

I looked at the return address and knew something wonderful was going to be inside. Hand made with TLC and sent to me out of the kindness of her heart, Francie of The Scented Cottage shipped me the most amazing faux sweets I've ever seen. The packaging and presentation was gorgeous. I received three cupcakes, three small desserts, cookies, tarts and garden seeds. Each item was individually wrapped in a beautiful box tucked underneath hot pink tissue. The smaller items were wrapped then placed in organza bags and the seeds came in their own separate envelope tucked in a lovely yellow bag just for them.

The pictures will give you a wonderful view of what a corner of my kitchen looks like at the moment. Run, don't walk to Francie's website. Not only is she a lovely person with a wonderful heart, she shares her sense of humor and amazing talent with all of us.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008


You know how when you are out shopping for that perfect "thing" that you aren't quite sure what you will do with it, but you KNOW that someday it's going to look perfect? Well, I've decided that this is the week to get all those "going to make something pretty with this someday" stuff and actually MAKE something. Money is tight and the attic is filled to the brim with beautiful treasures that I keep telling myself "maybe tomorrow" or "I'll think of something to do with that next week". Today I've begun turning my Trash to Treasures. I hope to continue for the next several weeks until all those "unfinished" projects are "complete". This should be an interesting challenge.

I just adore the "Marie Antoinette" theme, so I've decided to use it in several of my projects. Two of the three items below are 'antique porcelain clocks' that were missing the clock, but I loved the piece so I bought them anyway. I think "Marie" looks just stunning in both of these lovely old clock frames, don't you? The third "Marie" is a wonderful Queen's Chair frame which I lovingly embellished with vintage forget-me-nots, feathers, glitter and cherubs ~ and once again added an image of "Marie" to give it the final look of elegance.

Last but not least is a real ANTIQUE GLASS SHOE. I have been seeing shoes turned into Magical Altered Art creations, so when I saw these actual Glass Shoes at an estate sale, I had to have them. Creating my own version of a Magical Fairy Shoe is the most fun I've had in weeks. I adore this and have two left to create. I hope you enjoy these lovelies as much as I do.