Friday, March 28, 2008


Did the Tooth Fairy ever FORGET to stop at your house? Hang a little "Tooth Fairy Tussie" in your Princess' bedroom and she will never FORGET to stop by and drop off her magic present again.

Hand-painted in polka dots and roses, decorated to the hilt with dangling beaded trim and pink ruffles, then glitzed with pink "fairy glitter", these beautiful "Pink Tussies" can be used for anything ~ including the "Tooth Fairy".

Each tussie comes with a heart-shaped white organza bag adorned with a rose. Tucked inside is a beautiful, pink glittered "fairy". When the tooth fairy comes, remove the organza bag from inside the tussie, place the tooth inside and put the "pink fairy" on her nightstand. While your Princess sleeps, remove the tooth and add a little present, tuck the heart bag back inside the "Fairy Tussie" and leave the little "Pink Fairy" on the nightstand.

Your Princess will awaken to the best of surprises. Her little "Pink Fairy" will lead directly to her "Tooth Fairy Present" and voila, all is well. Keep a "Fairy Tussie" hanging in your Princess' bedroom so it will always be handy when she loses her Baby teeth and becomes a Young lady.

She will love it and you will never forget when the tooth fairy needs to drop off a little present.

Other wonderful ideas for your "Pink Tussie" is to fill with a present to keep for yourself or to give to a loving friend.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008


170 Years of Unbridled Passion:
The Women of the Victorian Heart Shoppe
by Victoria Laurian Otto

Treasured Heirlooms

Spectacular one-of-a-kind "Victorian Teacup Wreaths", designed with treasures from the past and present. Each "original" creation is assembled using roses, vintage teacups & china, jewelry, pearls, rhinestones, lace and vintage teaspoons from "Treasured Heirlooms".

Click here to read entire article.

Congratulations to Sharon of "Cest Chouette" and Karen of "Sweet Necessi-Teas" whose websites and beautiful creations were also included in this beautiful article.

Monday, March 24, 2008


All new and available on my website under "Treasures from the Pink Fairy Cottage" boutique. Beautifully handmade with soft pink tulle, flowers, ribbons and bows. Every little girl should have one for "dress-up", a "birthday party", or "special photos" to keep as treasured heirloom forever.

Can't you just picture your "Little Princess" dancing around the house in one of these? They are so pretty. The flowers are all the way around the tutu. I will also be more than happy to add glitter upon request.

A wonderful gift from Aunties and Grammies too!

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Sunday, March 23, 2008


Last week while attending the "Country Living Women's Entrepreneurs Seminar" in honor of Joyce Lucas, Owner of Make Mine Pink ~ I had the privilege of meeting over 20 of the wonderful ladies I've come to know as my "Pink Sisters" on the MMP Forum during the past two years.

We had been planning to meet at the Chicago event since January and when it came on Saturday, March 15th we could hardly contain ourselves. Meeting, laughing, trading stories, and pitching products was only a small part of the celebration.
Here are a few photos of the ladies, the tiaras and the amazing swap basket I won from Christine at Extra Sprinkles. She had the famous "Grahams" Chocolates of Chicago make this BEAUTIFUL PINK chocolate basket specially made for the swap.

Joyce sponsored a tiara contest in which the "Most Outrageous Tiara" won a 14k Diamond Crown Ring from "Ross Jewelers". It was 2DIE4! And we also had a "Pamper Me Pink" Swap where everyone brought a pink present, then we did a sort of Secret Santa type swap. It was crazy fun.

"Most Outrageous Tiara"
From left to right: Christine~Extra Sprinkles, Michelle~Rose Petals & Blooms, Francie~The Scented Cottage and Me.

The winner was Michelle from
"Rose Petals and Blooms". Michelle and the ring are both beautiful. As was each and every MMP lady at the event. Kind, sweet, caring, warm-hearted are only a few of the words that describe the personalities of these talented women. It was an honor to meet them all in person, finally.

This was my Tiara/Crown