Sunday, July 06, 2008

Silena of "The Enchanted Valley Boutique" had a blog contest last week. She had several stunning photos of fields of lavender. One of my absolutely favorite plants and scents. We had to guess what country she was in. LUCKY ME, guessed it correctly (she was right here in the Good Ole. USA?)

Look at the abundance of Lavender treasures I received in the mail last week. I can't begin to tell how wonderful it was receiving this amazing box of Lavender goodies.

I opened my brown box to a gorgeous Lunch Box style Gift Box. Once inside I found beautiful pink and purple tissue paper wrapped around gobs of treasures. She sent me a "Lavender/Flaxseed" scented fleece Eye Mask in a beautiful lavender organdy bag. Next was a bar of "Lavender Hollow Farm" Handmade Soap. OMG!!! I could eat it, it smells so good. Next was a purple velvet drawstring sachet filled with Lavender for me to tuck in amongst my p.j.'s. I just love to go to bed smelling fresh as a garden! lol

Then there was a bottle of my ABSOLUTELY FAVORITE scent "Lavender/Rose" Hand and Body Lotion. Last, but not least... a lovely ceramic holder to fill with another wonderful pouch of fresh "Lavender buds".

Now ladies, tell me I'm not the luckiest lady on the planet right now?

Thank you Silena for your beautiful packaging, your kindness and your generosity.

Please take a moment and pop over to her website and take a look at her lovely offerings. This was a more than a treat Silena, it was a "Gift to Treasure".


Debbie said...

What nice gifts and what lovely packaging....great job Silena! Lucky you, Cathy! :)

Pink hugs,

K&E@forgetmenotdreams said...

Lucky you Cathy! I can smell it from here! Nice job Selina!
Forget Me Not Dreams

Susie said...

How delightful Cathy! I picked the USA too. Lavender is one of my favorites and I always have to have it around me. Have fun with all your goodies. Great giveaway Silena!
Susie ~ The Polka Dot Rose

marie said...

As a fellow Lavender Lover, I can understand your excitement. Silena's products look just beautiful. I can almost smell the lavender. Thanks for sharing Cathy.

Patricia said...

How lovely! Those are great gifts, enjoy. You are going to be the most relaxed person we know!

Silena did a super job in the packaging--a treasure box.


Susan - My Vintage Charm said...

WOW! Yes Cathy you are lucky! Beautiful give away Silena!

Inka Thomas said...

Oh Cathy, those items are beautiful. I love lavender and have an eye pillow. You will love it. Silena did a great job putting those together. Love them.

Life on Bonnie Lane said...

Lucky you! I love lavender too and have lavender candles in my bedroom, as well as a sachet for my suitcase. I also have lavender body lotion that I love to use before I go to bed at night. Have you ever tried Bath and Body Shops lavender vanilla lotion? That's what I have and I love it.

Love all those things you won!


SweetAnnee said...

Oh just wonderful.. I love lavendar!!
Hope you enjoy every bit of you, you
deserve it..

Francie of The Scented Cottage said...

What delightful gifts! I can smell the lavender now...
Stop by my blog and enter the July give away. You just might get some more sweet gifts LOL.


Connie said...

Cathy, I've selected you for an award, my little dove!! Go to my July 5th post and check it out for rules.