Friday, December 25, 2009

Yes Virginia, There is a Santa Claus

I woke up this morning and came down the stairs and there it was. My eyes just about jumped out of my head. I couldn't believe Santa had actually remembered where I lived, since he usually visits children and I'm not that "little" any more! lol

But, I think Santa knows I carry his spirit throughout the year so he decided to make a quick stop and drop off something that has been on my "Wish" list for about 6 years. A "Cindy Ellis" birdhouse! Yup, I got one. I can't believe it.

I have admired Cindy's birdhouses which are built by her hubby Bob and painted by the famous Cindy since I first saw the feature of her backyard garden retreat in Romantic Country magazine a long, long time ago.

It's almost impossible to get one of Cindy's gorgeous rose painted creations. Within minutes of her posting them on her website, they are gone. I really think there are secret fairies out there grabbing them up for their own humble abodes.

Well, all I can say is this year a very happy Pink Fairy (that would be me!) now has one of her very own. And this is no small birdhouse. The is a gorgeous, giant, outstandingly beautiful birdhouse that I will cherish forever.

I've really been good this year! I must have ended up on the good side of Santa's "Naughty or Nice" list!


Siobhan said...

Wishing you and your family a Merry Christmas!

vivian said...

Its gorgeous! merry christmas!

Barbara Jean said...

Love your birdhouse.

Blessings at Christmas and a good New Year.

barbara jean

Nancy said...

OOOhhhh Cathy, That is Beautiful!! Yes, I would always agree you are on the nice side of Santa's List. Thanks for Sharing Cathy!
Huggs, Nancy

texasdaisey said...