Monday, January 04, 2010

"Amour" Valentine Swap

I am thrilled that so many ladies have joined in the "Valentine Swap". It's actually way more than I anticipated. I feel the group is so large at this point, we might lose the "FUN" come Valentine's Day and I don't want that to happen. 

If you missed out on joining in this swap, stay tuned for the next one coming soon. Please mark your calendars for Valentine's Day and come join us in our "Amour" Swap reveal photos. Thank you for your understanding.



Tam Hess said...

Oh no I missed it! Well, I can't wait to see what people come up with. xoxo

LuLu Kellogg said...

Eeeeeeeeeek! I am too late to sign up!

I went to Michaels this weekend and only found a small wooden heart box so I will save it :)

Happy New Year to You Dear Cathy!

April but some call me Prilyy said...

ill be your one more person- email if you need another


That is what happens when I "think" about it...
Have FUN!
Deb :)

Charlene said...

OH NO!!!!!!!! I found you over at Karen's Desert Cottage & didn't get here soon enough. Bummer! Hope you all have a lot of fun.

Country Dreaming said...

I missed it? I can't believe it. Where was I? Lost in a fog I guess.
I do appreciate your invitation
though. Looking forward to everyone's creations.
Come by soon.


Crystal said...

Wow, I missed another great blog event. That is what happens when you stay away too long. Hope to catch the next one.
I can't wait to see all the great creations on Feb 14th.
Blessings in 2010!

Crystal said...

Hey Cathy,
I would definitely be interested if you still need someone.

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

Hi Cathy,

You can now find your link on my blog under sites I adore. :)