Wednesday, August 11, 2010


I couldn't resist cutting the last of my beautiful hydrangea. I wanted to enjoy their beauty inside. Don't you just love all the different shades of blue from just one shrub?

I hope they last at least a few days in the vase. They are so beautiful.

Have a great day.

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stefanie said...

they are gorgeous, I planted a couple of bushes this year...oh, I hope they grow to look like yours!

Rebecca said... I'm totally jealous and coveting your blooms. Mine are dead and gone and when I DID try and dry my flowers they shriveled up and dieded even fast! BAH!

I'll just have to look at yours!


Debby said...

WOW!!! These are gorgeous.

Bellesanbeaus said...

They are so pretty...I don't blame you to bring them inside to enjoy! I transplanted my rose colored one last year ...she bloomed this year but hopefully she will be back to her gorgeous self next. Beth

Barbara said...

Your flowers are just gorgeous!!! I have some pink hydrangeas and I love them too.

Hugs XX
Moore Whimsies

Marilyn said...

Beautiful Hydrangeas!!
Insufferably hot here (NE Pa.).... I wish the humidity would go!!
Have a Wonderful Day!

Nancy said...

Those blooms are just Gorgeous! Oh what I wouldn't give to have a Hydrangea Bush someday!! Good to hear from you Southern Queen Fairy!!
Huggs, Nancy

Pam Kellogg said...

Beautiful Cathy! I've always wanted them in my garden. Maybe next season.

Melody said...

Beautiful blooms and the neat thing is they'll dry just like that in the water. I love the bedside table vignette.

Holly Loves Art said...

One of my favorites! The prettiest of colors... just dreamy!

Wanda @ Just Vintage said...

Hydrangeas are some of my favorites. They always remind me of my grandmother. Your blooms are beautiful. Ours all but died this year. Not sure what happened.

Alison said...

Your hydrangeas are such a vibrant blue.
Love them

Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

They are so pretty Cathy. I have the Endless Summers by the pool and then a really old bush in the bird house natural area. They all bloomed profusely this year, much to my delight, but the heat turned them ugly....I was so disappointed. Hoping I will be able to pick a few when the weather turns. Hope you have a super great week. ~~ Lynn

Jacque said...

Lindo Blog !!!!!!!!! Vim convidar para conhecer meu Blog VINTAGE :


Hélène Glehen said...

Hello Cathy,
Nice to meet you. Hydrangeas dry very well and stand pretty in the winter in a vase. I have some in my garden and did that every year.

faerie enchantment said...

I love love love Hydrangeas, they are one of my fave flowers, yours are GORGEOUS! Thanks for sharing them!
Magic and Joy,

Petit Coterie said...

My Hydrangeas bloomed so beautifully this summer. They are one of my favorite flowers. I only wish that I would have got to enjoy them more like you did.