Friday, August 27, 2010


Ever since I arrived home from Kim Caldwell's Mermaid Art Event, I have creating beautiful treasures with a Mermaid theme. I always knew Mermaids were very popular, I just never had the inclination to create in that theme.

WELL, let me tell you ladies and gents, that has ended. I am completely over my moon in love with anything mermaid, seashell or ocean themed. I can't get the ideas from my head into real artwork fast enough. And it seems as though my customers are thrilled too.

Here's what I just uploaded in my Elegance & Whimsy boutique yesterday. I hope you enjoy my creations. More to come.


Mermaid Wand

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stephanies cottage said...

Ok my jaw just hit the floor!!! Absolutely fantastic artwork! !you are. So talanted!! I'm now inspired! ! Hugggsss Stephanie

jen said...

Cathy These are gorgeous! I have a secret mermaid fetish :) Hope you are having a great summer.

luvs and glitter

Charm Bracelet Diva said...

I'm LoVin' the blue!

Lisa's Creative Home said...

They are gorgeous! We live in a beach community and I think my customers would LOVE them! Too bad you don't live here:)

Claudia said...

You look like you're having a great time, Cathy! Beautiful.


Barbara said...

Cathy your work is absolutely amazingly gorgeous! Love the mermaid theme too.

Hugs XX
Moore Whimsies

Marydon said...

Such lovely creations, Cathy. Just gorgeous ...
Have a lovely eve ~
TTFN ~ Marydon

Melody said...

Oh Cathy, You have some gorgeous underwater treasures there!

Honey Lamb and I said...

It is all so pretty and soothing!

Pam Kellogg said...

Oh my goodness Cathy!!!! I'm drooling all over the keyboard and my cat! I love, love, love everything you've done with mermaids and seashells. Oh if economy would start to improve. It will one of these days! And heaven help me when it does! I'm starting in your shops.

Goodness Cathy, I don't think you've made a single thing that I'm not in love with!

Breathtakingly beautiful!


Nancy said...

Oh Girlfriend, Another over the Moon Collection from CS Collections ~ Just out of this world Girl!!! Now I am really excited to start decorating my Fla house. Keep me informed Cath I would Love to do another Art Event with you!!
Huggs, Nancy

Cindy said...

I'm LOVIN' this mermaid stuff! I especially am fond of the beachy, peachy items!
Great Job!

Annesphamily said...

These are exquisite treasures form the sea! I truly love them all! You are so creative. Thank you for sharing.Anne