Sunday, September 12, 2010

It's a Poodle Kinda of Day

Very cool here in MA. I guess fall has actually arrived. I'm not loving this cool weather! Nope, I'm not! I love summer. Plus it means that I need to get outside and cut down my garden and tuck all my cute garden pots, birdbaths and gazing balls safely away until spring.

I have to remove the quilts and pillows from the Pink Fairy Cottage so the mice won't think that is where they need to nestle and live for the winter. I guess I need to muster up some energy and get myself a movin' out there.

Have a wonderful Sunday and enjoy my new Poodle Gift Box. It will be available soon at
Elegance & Whimsy.

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Holly Loves Art said...

Pretty pretty! Thank you for sharing. So happy you're enjoying the first days of Fall.

Pam Kellogg said...

Oh Cathy, gorgeous as always. A visit to your blog to see your beautiful things is always a bright spot in my day.

I love Summer too but this one was so hot and humid, I must admit that I'm loving the cooler weather. But I hate what comes after Autumn!

Love & hugs!

Melody said...

What a cute box! I'm with you...even tho its been steamy..I do not want the 40 highs and below 0 lows :( or worse. Now 50's -70's great. Allergies have kept me in the fog all season and knees have kept me movin reeeeallly slow too. I say we just enjoy the fall.

Annesphamily said...

What a delightful little box. I collect small boxes and have a nice collection of different kinds of boxes. This one is so sweet and very unique. Anne